Urban Factory is a coworking space located in the center of Rome in the heart of Parioli. It offers a shared space of 250 square meters distributed as follows:

First Floor

Reverse Studio (Creative Agency)
Ariā (Fashion Brand)

Ground Floor

2be3D (3D Printing)
Urban Decorations (Artistic Decoration)
SpotLime (Social App)


Experimental Lab


Our "work in progress".

Urban Decorations

Urban Decorations

We find our core business in the decorative arts commission. What we offer is a highly creative service aimed at individuals and companies who want to enhance their style of living or working. Thanks to a team made up of individuals from different professional fields, we are able to offer a wide range of services ranging from mere decoration to real campaigns Creative Marketing. The nature of the business allows us to meet the needs of a wide target population, and the professional personalities that are part of team enable us to be an excellence of the panorama.

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Reverse Studio

Reverse Studio

Reverse is not only the name of our company, it is our way of being, thinking and acting. We are Reverse, because we believe in the power and magic of all that is unusual, bold and unconventional. We think Reverse, because we usually observe the world from alternative and anti dogmatic points of view, often poles apart from ordinary thinking.

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2be3D is a young startup, made up of young people who work together with enthusiasm and professionalism to provide the best possible service. Whether you are a company or an individual, a student or an architect, a designer or an enthusiast model, you can contact 2be3D.

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Ariā is a clothing brand. We manufacture our products here in Italy, we attract talents from other countries and we want the talent of our young people. We try to enhance it in the simplest way possible. Making T-shirts. At the heart of the brand we put artists, ignoring the well-known names, but enhancing the young ones, if that will become known, have yet to find out. They are the pulsating soul of the project, and their success will coincide with ours. The same care we put into choosing our illustrators, we put it in choosing their "canvas." Our t-shirts are of excellent quality, and thanks to their composition 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled polyester have a zero impact on the environment.

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To discover the other packages and solutions dedicated to commercial or to request a meeting please contact us at the addresses that are in the bottom of the page.

Graphic Design

The image of the brand represent you and your work. We'll help you make creative and attractive.

Brand Identity

We take care of the image of our customers to 360 degrees. We start from the study of the logo and then create business cards, brochures, flyers, menu and more.

Artistic Decorations

We create graphics and illustrations suitable to represent your business. Then we carry on shutters and interior giving to your business design and creativity.

Other Services

In addition to the services listed above, we also produce: advertising totems, poster, banners, photo and print services, on t-shirts and corporate uniforms.

Web Develop.

Enlarge your catchment area and takes advantage of the Web to acquire new customers and to give global visibility to your business.


We use the latest technology to create websites compatible with all tablets and smartphones (Responsive Technology).


Thanks to our team of professionals we develop platforms for the sale of your products on-line at reasonable prices.Why settle for an audience of neighborhood where you can go to the whole world?

App IOS & Android

Create the app of your store: double visibility and always keep customers updated on the latest news.

Web Marketing

Advertises your business with the right campaign Web Marketing.


We realize advertising campaigns that can bring your website among the top positions in the results of search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Social Media Marketing

We manage the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to advertise about your business and gain new customers.

Promotional Videos

We create promotional videos of your business to share on channels such as Youtube and Vimeo streaming and on major social networks.

We have developed offerings specifically designed for traders and exercises district in order to offer a complete service at competitive prices.

Graphic Design

Pack Base€359,00
Pack Pro€569,00
Pack Premium€1099,00

Web Development

Website from€479,00
E-Commerce from€1579,00
App IOS & Android from€1299,00

Web Marketing

Base from€199,00/mese
Pro from€299,00/mese
Premium from€499,00/mese

About Us


Urban Factory is not a place but an idea, a way of life. The project started in 2013 with three Roman boys who decide to work together to realize a common dream.
The strong belief that the sharing of ideas, spaces and skills could add value to any project, led them to form a team of artists and creatives from all over Italy.
Each member of the group works with passion, doing what he loves, in the best way he knows, understands that his teammates are doing the same. We work convinced that change can only come from ourselves, for that innovation, creation are not our goal, rather the way we do business and to interpret life.

Our Pillars.


"Creativity is to combine existing elements with new connections, which are useful" Henri Poincaré. New and useful broaden the sphere of creative activities in all human action that is recognized economic benefit - aesthetic or ethical and adequately illustrate the essence of the creative act: an overcoming of the existing rules establishing a new rule and shared best.


Innovation frees man from the constraints that affect the cultural and spiritual level. The history of human evolution shows that one of the most important forms of innovation is one that decreases the working time in any case improving the quality and quantity of products. This improvement has freed space that man can devote to increased awareness and to spiritual perfection.


The design is the meeting point between the past and the future of a product, including its causes and its consequences. The design project is: look at the experience already made the experience that still needs to be done: for this is the best innovative moment. And project conceived in the round, industrial aesthetic emotion from reason and reasonableness functional.


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success" Henry Ford. The ability to progress of all humanity is directly proportional to the possibility of cooperation and connections between individuals.

Our Team.

Giovanni Carfora
Giovanni Carfora
Lorenzo Gambardella
Lorenzo Gambardella
 Stefano Cimini
Stefano Cimini
Andrea Perini
Andrea Perini
Art Director


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